Wire Transfer Information

Wire Funds Near Or Far

Everything you need for a fast & secure wire transfer.

Transfer funds electronically to and from your Texas Partners Bank account locally, nationally or internationally. Our wire services are fast, secure and we’ve kept the process simple and user-friendly.

Wire Transfer Information

Name of Bank: Texas Partners Bank
City and State: San Antonio, Texas
ABA Routing Number: 114025641
Beneficiary: [Customer's Name and Account Number]
Optional Text: [Originator's Name, Recipient's (at FRB) Name and Preferred Banking Office/Department, Account Number]

International Money Transfers

If you are making an international money transfer, you will also need the BANK SWIFT CODE: BSATUS44

Headshot of KATY BROOKS
Cyber Insurance Specialist With Texas Partners Bank
EVP of Property & Casualty Insurance, Katy Brooks with her client, CEO of Boysville, Paula Tucker. 

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