Growing Careers From Within: Meet Amber Alvarez, Client Experience Officer at Texas Partners Bank

When Amber Alvarez, Client Experience Officer at Texas Partners Bank, first began her career as a teller, she never would have imagined the growth that was possible on her journey. Amber credits the culture at the bank for encouraging her to evolve over the years, and the mentorship of her supervisor Rene Alfaro for encouraging her to step outside of her comfort zone and into roles of leadership. Amber shares her thoughts on personal and professional growth, what excites her about her new role, and what her goals are for the future.  

What drew you to Texas Partners Bank?

I started my career as a teller at a national bank here in San Antonio. When I was ready to take my first step of upward growth there, I applied for positions within my department and none of them worked out. I felt so discouraged. I felt underappreciated and undervalued, so I decided it was time for a change. My co-worker at the time told me that The Bank of San Antonio was hiring, so I began my research.

I was unfamiliar with The Bank of San Antonio, but I loved that it was local. As I progressed through the interview process with our HR team, they were caring, genuine and I felt they were truly invested in the happiness of their employees. I wanted a true career, and to be appreciated and valued. Texas Partners Bank has been that place for me, and it has meant so much.

What was your role when you first started here, and how have you grown since then?

I started here as a Relationship Banker 1, which is a teller-banker hybrid position. Within 12-14 months I was promoted to Relationship Banker 2. Within one more year I became a Relationship Banker Lead.

After two years as Relationship Banker Lead, I was promoted to Relationship Supervisor. I’ve held the Client Experience Officer position for a year now and I am excited for what is to come. 

How has Texas Partners Bank helped you to grow—both personally from within, and as a partner within the organization?

Something that has been essential for my career growth is having my manager Rene Alfaro’s support and guidance every step of the way. I also appreciate what Patti Wilson and the HR team offers us, with management training classes that we can take to consistently continue our education. 

Personally, the support and mindfulness of my manager, Rene, has helped me grow from within. He helps me acknowledge and become aware of what it is that I need to work on and the areas I can improve upon. When I am at my best, it helps others as well. If my team sees that I am aware of and acknowledge my own learning opportunities and I am holding myself accountable for them, they learn to do the same and our working environment stays positive and productive.

What professional advice would you give to a young person starting their career?

To be open to change. I've come across a lot of people who are just adamant about being set in their ways. But if you are open to change, you grow. I wasn’t as open to change when I first started my career. I liked to think that everything in life was either black or white. But at Texas Partners Bank, I've learned that there are always opportunities to grow and to remain curious about how we can serve our clients better every day.  

The other piece of advice I would give is to be open to working on yourself. It isn’t easy to acknowledge that there is room for work, but it is worth it to evolve.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself always evolving and learning.


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