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We take great pride in our mission to grow through grit and curiosity, while upholding our values of integrity, service and ownership. Patti Wilson, Chief Human Resources Officer at Texas Partners Bank, shares her thoughts on cultivating a growth mindset, her commitment to equip future leaders within the bank, and how partnerships power widespread impact.

What do you think sets Texas Partners Bank apart as a workplace?

We attract people who are intrigued and energized by embarking upon an entrepreneurial and undiscovered path. Our culture is a distinct outcome of our purpose-driven mindset that it's not about me, it's about we. Culture is the way we get things done. It’s not only about what we get done, but how we get things done and how we impact others throughout this process. It’s the opportunity of the continual push and pull that attracts folks who like to find solutions and make valuable impact.

What are the values you and your team infuse into Texas Partners Bank?

Our three values—integrity, service and ownership—fundamentally shape how we work. It’s not a workplace where you are trying to get an outcome at all costs. The right outcomes are important, of course, but we want outcomes to be achieved within the guidelines that we have agreed upon. We are aligned by our common understanding of what it is that we do and how we do it. Relationships are at the core of everything we do, and how we build the relationships and trust among colleagues is defined by our integrity, service, and ownership. When you promise to do something, you deliver on it. When you have an idea, you share it, and when something can be improved, we work together to improve it.

What aspect of the bank’s growth are you most proud of?

Our team continuously widens the aperture of what is possible, and we iterate our growth process as we level up. We are purposeful in our growth trajectory, and we’ve embraced the gift of failing forward. I’m especially proud that we prioritize how we get to an outcome and what we can learn from it, as that is just as important as the outcome itself.

How do you cultivate a growth mindset among the leadership teams at Texas Partners Bank, and why is it important for leaders to have this type of training?

As an organization, the goal is to build a consistent culture, not one that is sporadic and unpredictable. We foster an environment where employees contribute their unique impact and value, as each person can contribute to our high-performing culture of excellence. We continually explore new ways to build relationships between leaders of cross-functional teams so that we can run with agility and strength. When employees see that their managers truly care about each other, a healthy modeling for workplace collaboration can inspire deeper inroads and trust. This is the type of training I’m excited to offer to our managers because the ripple effect of partnership fortifies our strength as a team. We provide resources to strengthen our leaders’ growth, so that they can lead their teams to growth. This results in a culture of high performance, marked by our steadfast commitment to learn and grow together.

As you look toward the future, what are you most excited about when it comes to building Texas Partners Bank?

This year, we will launch LIFE, which is Leadership in Focus Every Day. LIFE is built for every person at our bank, as we believe that everyone can lead and influence. We galvanized LIFE for our senior and middle leaders, and the next step is one that I find especially invigorating. We are advocating for employees who are not yet managers of a team, but who we’ve identified as next-level leaders, who have expressed interest in continued career growth. We will cultivate our next-level leaders by providing opportunities for growth within the bank.

If someone thinks they might be interested in joining the Texas Partners Bank team, what advice would you give them about how to thrive here?

We want you to join us and bring your self-powered genius for service, growth and finding solutions. Our bank has always been more than a bank—we are pioneers, and we want our people to grow, our clients to grow, and as a result, the communities we serve to grow.  Our path forward is uncharted, and our mission champions those who serve with grit. We are 17 years young, and we are innovative, future driven, and entrepreneurial.

We encourage new teammates to bring their curiosity, so they learn the why, in addition to the how, of what we do. We do not expect teammates to have all the answers, but we do encourage thoughtful questions and exploration. Demonstrating grit and curiosity is our formula for success. You must be able to set your own pace, and you must raise your hand and use boldness when necessary to advocate for what you believe. We are committed to fueling growth, so no one will turn you down if you lead with grit and curiosity.
Patti Wilson

Chief of Human Resources, Texas Partners Bank

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