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Leadership Team



Comprised of diverse innovators, our leadership team comes together in their dedication to meaningful growth, inclusive collaboration, and highly effective day-to-day performance. Successful results start at the top, and our senior executives and managers make it their mission to deliver on our service promises for every single client.

Brent Given

President & Chief Executive Officer
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Tom Moreno

Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer
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Patti Wilson

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
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Amy Sondergeld

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
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Andrew Reid

Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
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Brandi Vitier

Market Executive, The Bank of San Antonio
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Jon E. Eckert

President and Chief Executive Officer, The Bank of Austin
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Roy Thompson

President and Chief Executive Officer, Texas Hill Country Bank
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Alan C. Smith

Executive Vice President, Specialty Finance Group
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Greg Bobbitt

Executive Vice President, Mortgage Banking
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Katy Brooks

Executive Vice President, Insurance, P&C  Producer
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Gus Henderson

Vice President, Insurance, EBS  Producer
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Kevin Harris
President & Chief Investment Officer, Aspireon Wealth Advisors
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Angelica Palm
Vice President, Marketing & Communications Director
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