Honoring Our Dads | Father's Day 2021

This Father’s Day, we honor the guidance, support and influence of fathers figures everywhere—especially the fathers within Texas Partners Bank.

We asked dads within the bank to share words of wisdom they learned from their own fathers, as well as lessons on perspective they have learned from raising their children.

Tom Moreno

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer 
What have you learned from your father?

I learned to be a hard worker from my father, to have passion for my work and my teammates, to be well-liked and respected, and to always give 100%.

Best piece of advice?

Love people and love life.

What have you learned from your children?

To cherish the time we spend together, love, laugh, and have fun.

Kenny Vallespin

Vice President, Human Resources Business Partner

What have you learned from your father?
My father taught me the art of working hard and not making excuses for any type of failure. He was all about the learning experience that accompanied failure. He was a no-nonsense type of guy that never took kindly to any excuses because he lived by the motto, "If you want an excuse, you will always find one."
Best piece of advice?
My father was a Special Forces soldier in the U.S. Army, and what I remember him telling me over and over again was to never give up. I can still hear his voice when faced with difficult situations. No matter what sport I was playing —  basketball, track and field, or boxing — he would somehow find his way to circumvent the coach and make his way towards me just to reiterate to me that I better not quit and that failure was not an option. Whether I won or not, he was always proud of the effort as long as I gave it my all.
What have you learned from your children?
As a #GirlDad with two beautiful girls, I have learned the art of patience and being selfless. I have given up gym time for tea time, action movies for princess stories, and buying items from the hair & nail salon. But one thing is for sure: I wouldn’t trade any of it for the time I get to spend with my daughters. Sometimes being present for your children is more important than anything money can buy.

Mark Wenger

Vice President, Credit Manager
What have you learned from your father?
My dad is a selfless person who is always looking to serve others. He also taught me the importance of prioritizing family.
Best piece of advice?
Taking care of your children is a lot of work, but it is so fulfilling. Sometimes you have to sit back and remember what it was like to be a kid. If you ever make a parenting mistake, don’t be too proud to say “I’m sorry” to your kids.
What have you learned from your children?
I never fully grew out of being a kid. Their interests tend to become my interests as well, whether it’s playing with Beyblades, doing marble runs, making funny videos, 4 vs. 1 wrestling (they tend to win), collecting Pokémon cards, playing outside, watching TV shows together, playing video games, and so many other things. Each of my kids is my best friend and we really just do everything together.

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